What is happening at the lab [Updated 11/07/2017]

We are closed the whole of july (see details below)

Normal hours are: Staff are available to introduce new users who need an introduction to laser cutter, CNC mill or 3D printer to the FabLab machines: Tuesday 12.00-19.00 and Wednesday 10.00-13.00. Make sure to read how do I get started. The lab is open to existing users Mon-Fri 10-16 / Tuesday 12-21. Laser cutting and CNC milling only within these hours. Please note there is only access to CNC and laser cutting when employees are present. 3D printing, electronics etc. is available 24/7 to trusted users.

  • We expect most employees to be on holiday July and most of August, so only access for existing users. Any exact opening details that become available will be announced when we know.

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FabLab RUC, Roskilde University
Universitetsvej 1, Building 4.0
4000 Roskilde, Denmark

Please read this page before calling or emailing

Phone: +45 46742055
Email: fablab@ruc.dk

General opening Hours

  • Monday: 10-16
  • Tuesday: 12-21
  • Wednesday: 10-16
  • Thursday: 10-16
  • Friday: 10-16

Remember to check if anything special is going on

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