BioFabLab RUC

An open fabrication laboratory and workshop for biological matter and materials at Roskilde University.

BioFabLab RUC is a biological extension of Fablab RUC, with the same methods and philosophy. We evolve prototypes consisting of and containing living matter and materials. We work with fungi, biomaterials, biorefinary concepts, composts, bioeconomy, bacteria, algae, wastewater, plants and trees. We apply a hands-on rapid prototyping to solve real-world everyday problems or get new insights on basic research questions, facilitating the development of new ideas, products and services.

The BioFabLab consists of, a kitchen laboratory, a greenhouse and a classical chemistry / biology laboratory. (see labs & equipment here)

We are always looking for professionals, voluntaries or interns to work or collaborate with, don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Contact & Support

  • write: biofablab @ ruc .dk
  • drop by during the opening hours of the fablab
  • Use the fablab open telegram chat

Research & Services
Our work consist of assisting with the development of living prototypes:
a) Supporting student projects on all educations at RUC.
b) Assisting private individuals & contributing to citizen innovation.
c) Supporting academic research.
d) Teaching, through workshops, courses and course development.
e) advicing entrepreneurs, startups and companies

Read more about how we help:

Our main themes of work are:

  • Introduction to biology & Ecology
  • Open source hardware for science and labs
  • Biodesign & Ecosystem design principles that suport design or creative proccesses across diciplines
  • How to grow everything
  • Citizen Science / DIY Research: (getting the knowledge in scientific papers out, through the questions of the general citizens form their everyday life)

Photos by mmborch, unless otherwise noted