What is happening at the lab [Updated 20/03/2017]

Staff are available to introduce new users who need an introduction to laser cutter, CNC mill or 3D printer to the FabLab machines: Tuesday 12.00-19.00 and Wednesday 10.00-13.00. Make sure to read how do I get started. The lab is open to existing users Mon-Fri 10-16 / Tuesday 12-21. Laser cutting and CNC milling only within these hours. 3D printing, electronics etc. is available 24/7 to trusted users.

  • One laser cutter is down for maintenance, so only one is available for public use.
  • Thu-fri 23/3-24/3 only one person available to help - there may be a queue for help
  • Monday 3/4 - Friday 7/4 Performance-design workshop, lab will be quite full.

FabLab RUC, Roskilde University
Universitetsvej 1, Building 4.0
4000 Roskilde, Denmark

Please read this page before calling or emailing

Phone: +45 46742055
Email: fablab@ruc.dk

General opening Hours

  • Monday: 10-16
  • Tuesday: 12-21
  • Wednesday: 10-16
  • Thursday: 10-16
  • Friday: 10-16

Remember to check if anything special is going on

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