Fablab Construction kit

09 Aug 2016

Credit: Developed by Mads Hobye in collaboration with Nikolaj Møbius. This is a Generic construction kit made specifically for Fablab Machinery. Through this template one can design 3 different projects (spirograph, rubberband gun and a robot drawing platform). They are designed in such a way that they can hacked and..


Project mimir: 3D printing houses

09 Jun 2016

What if one could 3D print a whole house? We explore future potentials of 3D printing houses. This is done by building a 5x5x5 meter 3D printer which uses concrete as its construction material. By actually building a 3D printer this size it is possible to try out the potential..


Plastic Recycling Shredder

12 May 2016

This tutorial provides instructions on how to build a shredder capable of shredding sheet plastics, such as HDPE and LDPE, found in plastic bags, bubble wrap and air cushion packaging, to prepare it for recycling. The machine is part of a greater project to develop a process of turning waste..


Backpack light with neoPixels and NodeMcu

17 Feb 2016

Mads Hobye mede a custom backpack light that can run from a battery pack. Get the toturial here. It is running from a NodeMCU running as an Arduino. This enables one to program control parameters e.g. from a phone etc...


Interactive Learning

16 Feb 2016

By: Krasnova Skov E., Børninck Nørregaard A, Hartmann J.C.W, Worm A. L, Blixenkrone S. - 3rd semesterproject at RUC, Hum-Tek. This project works with the designing and implementation of an interactive learning artifact for pupils. As of 2014, the Danish education in the elementary school consists not only..


Make your own spirograph

28 Jan 2016

Mads Hobye has made a easy-to-assemble spirograph kit. This spirograph uses a scisser shaped structure and two continuous servos to create the patterns. The setup is designed to allow for multiple different movement patterns based on the configuration of the motors and the arm joints. Here are the steps for..


Controlling Neopixels with processing via wifi to nodeMCU

19 Jan 2016

This is a proof of concept on using a nodeMCU as wireless neopixel client. The pixels can be controlled via wifi from processing. The nodeMCUs 20KB memory enables it to control quite a lot of pixel (about 10k - without UPD - in theory 5k with UPD). This is just..


3D print U wheels for a dolly

05 Jan 2016

To make a simple dolly slider design e.g. for timelapse or for smooth movements we have designed u wheels for you to 3D print. The dolly itself consists of two skateboard trucks mounted on an aluminium plate. Use OpenJSCad and copy-paste the code below into it. Then press shift+..


Controlling the Mi Light from Arduino or NodeMCU

08 Dec 2015

The Mi Light bulbs are one attempt on the intelligent home in which you control our devices through your smart phone. Hacking the protocol enables us to start eperimenting with internet of things and smart homes in new ways. Henryk Plötz did a good job of reverse enginering the protocol..


Robot Competition [Danish]

07 Nov 2015

In collaboration with Ingeniøren we have made a robot competition where we ask their readers to come up with ideas for our Open Source industrial robot arm. Read the article in Rubrik here. Read about the winner here...


IOT: ThingSpeak NodeMCU/Arduino

05 Nov 2015

With internet of things we are able to save data in the cloud for later retrieval. One such service is ThingSpeak. Instead of using an Arduino with and ethernet shield we made our own code that could run on NodeMCU as Arduino. Create an account on TingSpeak: https://thingspeak.com/..


Noob to master programmer in 10 days

01 Nov 2015

As an experiment Mads Høbye from Fablab RUC took on the challenge to teach 18 students how to program in 10 days. Breaking the ice of programming has proven to be hard. The classic pedagogical way of learning på playing has proven to highly inspirational for the students, but much..


FabLab RUC goes to parliament

01 Nov 2015

This weekend FabLab RUC moved in front of Christiansborg, the Danish parliament, for Startupborgen, an entrepreneurship event. We are providing the competing teams of students with access to FabLab facilities, mentoring and technical guidance, to enable them to make working prototypes or mockups very rapidly. With us we have two..


Semester project: Designing a live block programming interface.

17 Oct 2015

Semester project at Humtek by: A. D. N Riis, J. H. Andersen, L. M. Mikkelsen, J. S. Hansen, L. Henriksen, C. H. Larsen. Computer science is becoming a bigger part of our world with each passing day. It is a huge part of our lives, and as the technology is..


DIY DMX tester with Arduino

25 Sep 2015

A professional DMX tester costs about $300. With an Arduino board and a DMX shield you can make your own for a fraction of the price. Súni Joensen and Christoffer Gulløv from the Lighting Programme at The Danish National School of Performing Arts made simple version that Visualizes the traffic..


Internet enabled lamp

23 Sep 2015

As a part of our electricity usage visualization project with inudgeyou.com/ Mads Hobye has developed multiple prototypes. One such prototype is an internet enabled lamp (internet of things). The lamp uses a NodeMCU control board and neopixels. It can be programmed to change color depending of the electricity usage..


Creating complex 3D forms with electrical pipe and Strawbees Mega

15 Sep 2015

Strawbees has been around to make amazingly complex shapes out of normal straws. Olle bjerkås, one of the creator of Strawbees, has created a larger scale version called Strawbees Mega that can be used with electrical pipes. We used a day to experiment with the potential of making 3D structures..


Laser cut an icosahedron

07 Sep 2015

If you want to make a Icosahedron Mads Hobye has made an easy template for you to laser cut. Download it here. You should cut the outer line all the way through and the inner lines should be cut half way through. This enables you to bend it easily...


IOT: Chat with your Arduino/esp8266 through the XMPP protocol

07 Sep 2015

Internet of things has been around for a couple of years. There are many different ways to connect technology to the internet and the physical world. Among many solutions we tested the old and tried XMPP/Jabber protocol. We hacked together a simple framework to communicate over the protocol. The..


Integrate Java/Swing GUI in your processing sketch

04 Sep 2015

Nikolaj Møbius at Fablab RUC managed to integrate the native Java Swing gui system into a processing sketch. Two windows are opened one for the graphics of processing and one window for the GUI interface. This enables you to create buttons, sliders etc. and have a control panel for your..

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