What is happening at the lab [Updated 21/03/2018]

Special events:

Mon 5/3 - Fri 16/3 = weeks 10 and 11: Having workshops for 200 Humtek students - lab is very full - expect queue for all machines, and very little help available - we strongly reccomend you do not come these two weeks.

Mon 26/2 - Wed 28/3 Open as normal.
Thu 29/3 closed
Wed 30/3 closed

Normal hours are:

Fablab new users who need an introduction to the FabLab machines: Tuesdays 12.00-21.00 Wednesday 10.00-16.00 . Make sure to read how do I get started.

Fablab existing users Mondays-Thursdays 10.00-16.00 / Tuesday 12.00-21.00. We are curently not open Fridays because we are short on staff. Please note there is only access to CNC and laser cutting within these hours (because of fire risk). 3D printing, electronics etc. is available 24/7 to trusted users.

Biofablab open as Fablab, but bio help is mainly available Tuesdays 12.00-21.00 and Wednesdays 10.00-16.00

Programming help for students Wednesdays 14.00-16.00