Published: December 21, 2022, Edited by: Mads Hobye

RF2022: Light of Hope - pejlemærke og mødested

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Det kan være en udfordring at orientere sig og finde mødesteder, særligt på campingområdet. Iøjnefaldende pejlemærker, der kan ses både i dagslys og om natten, vil være en stor hjælp, særligt for nye festivaldeltagere.

Our light installation called “Light of Hope” is a meeting place and safety point for guests at festivals. The installation is tall and big, so it can act as an eye-catching beacon for guests. This is so guests will have an easy time finding the installation and use it as a meeting place at all hours. At night we also hope that the lights on the installation will be able to create a safe space. At the top of our light installation is a representation
of a globe made of light. We will attach this on top of a lighting pole.

Under the lighting, poles will be signs made of reused plastic for map destinations like toilets, concerts, campgrounds, etc. These signs are made to be interchangeable so that we can change directions should maps be changed and can be made to work at other festivals or changed to be messages instead that people can read. We will also include a bigger sign apart from the others in front of the installation with a hashtag (“LetsMeetUnderTheGlobe’’) guests can take a picture in front of that it will encourage people to meet and have an opportunity to socially engage and get involved with each other. We know from displaying the installation at Musicon Hackathon that our artwork brings curiosity and has led to people having conversations with each other

Abdiraxman Omar Mahmud Farah
Alex Brangstrup Dybro
Kristina Maria Rasmussen
Rasmus Preisler
Steen Leu Christensen
Nina Henrietta Horsted Eriksen
Rasmus Rosendal Nielsen