Published: October 03, 2016, Edited by: Mads Hobye

Corona rules for RUC students and staff

Turn up and talk to us - note the max. number of people allowed in each room.

Corona rules for everyone
Take an alcohol dispenser by the door, keep it with you, and disinfect things you touch before and after.

Corona rules for non RUC students and staff
You must have an appointment before coming, so we can control how many people there are. Email with description and preferred time or phone 46742055. Please do not turn up without an agreement.

RUCs guidelines for presence on campus | | | Please read get started before coming the first time | Opening hours

Special events [Updated 06/10/2020]

  • Wednesday 14/10: Closed due to some staff being on holiday and the remaining staff being ill.

  • Week 43 (2020/10/19 - 2020/10/23): Performance-design workshop for 30 students. Lab will be very full and there may be queue for machines and help.

  • 5-axis CNC machining is down for service (spindle controller failure).

  • Thursdays are servicing the lab and machines day - no help available but you are welcome if you are self-sufficient.

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