Published: February 05, 2024, Edited by: Mads Hobye

RF2023: Together To See The Full Picture

Through a combination of auditory, and visual elements inspired by Pleasure Controls parties and light installations,, poetic sampled stories from people experiencing the alternative nightlife, the installation invites visitors to transcend traditional textual approaches and immerse themselves in a sensory-based understanding of safer spaces. Safer spaces are environments where individuals feel respected, valued, and free from discrimination, harassment, and harm. Safer spaces prioritize the physical and emotional well-being of all participants, particularly marginalized people.

Together to see the full picture is an installation in continuous development and we encourage you to take a slip of paper an write or draw your feelings of safety and belonging contra feelings of unsafeness. Safer spaces play a vital role in creating a nightlife and maybe festivals - where diversity is celebrated and where we are together to see the full picture to make a better party for everyone. Contributions, KMH footage Dj from da back, Stories Mille Løv, Daniela Ritonnale and Altug Tosun.

By: Claudia Segura Vesterager, Marius Alexander Klintebjerg Kjeldtoft, Rasmus Thai Andersen, Lennart Westberg Thomsen