Published: May 17, 2011, Edited by: Mads Hobye

The Experience Cylinder, an immersive interactive platform: The Sea Stallion's voyage: a case study

This paper describes the development of an experimental interactive installation, a so-called "experience cylinder", intended as a travelogue and developed specifically to provide a narrative about the Viking ship Sea Stallion’s (Havhingst) voyage from Roskilde to Dublin and back. The installation provides a framework for individual experience of the Sea Stallion's voyage, where a user among the audience interacts with the installation. Interaction is mainly by position and gesture tracking and feedback is by selection and projection of objects, such as photos, videos, background images, synthesized sound and recited stories. All combine to provide an individual path of choice through a coherent story told by means of a cylindrical screen, enclosing a space providing 3D positional sound following the interacting user and exploiting data such as wind, wave and weather logs through 3D sound effects. While being intended to tell a story about a certain voyage the resulting installation has been developed as an open interactive platform suitable for story-telling/travelogue. First and foremost the platform provides an approach to easy and intuitive navigation within heterogeneous media material comprising a large number of media objects.