Published: August 08, 2017, Edited by: Nicolas Padfield

Semester Projects at RUC with Fablab

A main purpose of the FabLab is to support your learning process as a student, and enable you to quickly test and validate your academic ideas through prototyping, testing, building experiments and design thinking.

Get started

  • Please give us information about your project, apply for a fablab supervisor and suggest a start up meeting by filling out this signup form

  • But don't wait for us to answer before you drop by. You are always welcome to drop by in our opening hours for inspiration and sparring.

  • Read the start page

We can help you with

  • A start-up meeting 20-60 min to launch your project with your superviser & help you get going.
  • Helping you build prototypes & experimental setups
  • Guidance and feedback during the project
  • FabLab Facilities. Find a list on start page, or in depth here

Project suggestions

Catalogue of project suggestions

This is a list of project ideas and inspiration. It's developed by the FabLab team and academic staff at RUC, based on our expertise and facilities to ensure a deep and challenging learning opportunity. Use the ideas as a starting point for developing your own unique semester projects - or inspiration for your own idea.

Phone: 46742055