Published: August 08, 2017, Edited by: Nicolas Padfield

Semester Projects at RUC with Fablab

During Corona

Welcome students! We have a video about what online project support you can get during corona here:

We have an open online meeting here every weekday at 1030 - do just drop in, for information, sparring, project support. We are also available 1330 every weekday during Humtek's group formation.

You can also call us individually directly on Teams, our addresses are:

If lab work is a vital part of your project, we may be able to give you extraordinary permission to come and do lab work and use machines. Note that the criteria are quite restrictive ministry -
"enkelte undtagelser i helt særlige tilfælde, hvor fysisk fremmøde ... vurderes nødvendig, for eksempel i laboratorier ... værksteder". We do take the Corona situation very seriously, so this would be along the lines of: everything we can do online, we do online. Then we can agree a small time slot where you can come and use a machine - only one group in the building at a time, few people, short time, 2 m distance etc.

We are happy to help with equipment as possible - delivery by agreement, outdoors with social distancing.

Do please see Catalogue of project suggestions and Fill out the signup form to get a Fablab supervisor (if you do not want to enter your information in Google forms, you may send us an email at instead).


A main purpose of the FabLab is to support your learning process as a student, and enable you to quickly test and validate your academic ideas through prototyping, testing, building experiments and design thinking.

Project suggestions

Catalogue of project suggestions

This is a list of project ideas and inspiration. It's developed by the FabLab team and academic staff at RUC, based on our expertise and facilities to ensure a deep and challenging learning opportunity. Use the ideas as a starting point for developing your own unique semester projects - or inspiration for your own idea.

Get started

  • Apply for a fablab supervisor and book a start up meeting - Fill out the signup form (if you do not want to enter your information in Google forms, you may send us an email at instead)
  • Read the start page
  • You are also always welcome to drop by for inspiration and informal chat

We can help you with

  • A start-up meeting 20-60 min to launch your project with your superviser & help you get going.
  • Helping you build prototypes & experimental setups
  • Guidance and feedback during the project



phone: 46742055