Published: March 12, 2024, Edited by: Sara Almeida Santos Daugbjerg

Spring 2024 - Workshops at FabLab RUC

A DIY Lighting Project - From Code to Craft

Tuesday 02/04-2024 kl.16.00-18.00 at FabLab RUC - Arduino and Light

Tuesday 16/04-2024 kl.16.00-18.00 at FabLab RUC - Design and Laser Cutting

Join us at the FabLab for a two-part workshop that bridges the gap between digital programming and physical creation.

First part - Arduino and Light

We will first dive into the world of Arduino and Neopixels, where you'll learn how to bring lights to life with code. Discover the basics of Arduino programming, how to control Neopixel LEDs, and how to integrate interactive elements into your projects.

Second part - Design and Laser Cutting

In the second part, we'll shift gears to laser cutting, where you'll design and create a custom lamp that houses your Neopixel creation. This hands-on approach will not only teach you the fundamentals of laser cutting but also how to think about design for assembly and the practical application of your Arduino projects.

This workshop is perfect for you who are eager to explore the intersection of technology and design in the FabLab. Whether you're a novice looking to get started or a seasoned maker aiming to expand your skill set, this workshop will provide you with the tools and knowledge to turn your ideas into tangible, functional art.
No prior experience is required, just a willingness to learn and experiment.

No need to sign up. Just drop in!

Crafting Your Pitch: The Power of Physical Prototypes

Tuesday 30/04-2024 kl.16.00-18.00 at FabLab RUC

Learn how to make your pitches more compelling with a physical prototype. We will provide you with the knowledge and tools to create a simple yet effective prototype, making your pitch more engaging and persuasive.
This workshop offers an introduction to simple 3D modeling and printing techniques, enabling participants to create a physical representation of their ideas.

No prior technical experience is required. We're here to guide you from the ground up, ensuring you leave not just with a prototype, but with the confidence to recreate the process for any future projects. This workshop is open to all interested. Embrace this opportunity to learn how you can use the FabLab.

No need to sign up. Just drop in!

Video editing with DaVinci Resolve

Tuesday 14/05 kl.16.00-18.00 at FabLab RUC

Do you want to get started with video editing? Join our workshop at FabLab RUC and dive into the world of video editing with DaVinci Resolve, a fully-featured and free video editing platform.We'll guide you through the essential techniques—from cutting and combining scenes to enhancing audio—that make your stories compelling and memorable. This hands-on session is designed for anyone looking to bring their video projects to life with professional flair.
This workshop is for all interested.

No need to sign up. Just drop in!

Bio Materials - Kombucha Leather

Tuesday 28/05-2024 kl.16.00-18.00 at FabLab RUC

Dive into the innovative world of bio-materials with us! We will talk about how to turn kombucha, a fermented tea, into a sustainable and eco-friendly leather alternative. This workshop will cover the fascinating process from brewing your own kombucha to harvesting and processing the bacterial cellulose into a versatile material that resembles leather.
This hands-on session is perfect for anyone interested in sustainable design, fashion, or simply looking to explore new materials.

No need to sign up. Just drop in!