Published: August 05, 2021, Edited by: Nicolas Padfield

Special days for tutors (rusvejledere)

Tutors, from all educations, are especially welcome in Fablab (building 9.1)

Monday 9th. of August 10-16
Wednesday 11th. of August 10-16
Friday 13th. of August 10-16 (obs we are unavailable 11-1230 because of a meeting)

Outside these times, we can’t promise anything (holiday and knock-on effects of corona).

At Fablab, you can build a working prototype of anything. See example photos below.

What can't we do:

  • Normal IT problems
  • Drinking games
  • Large amounts of materials without warning
  • Large amounts of expensive materials (plexiglass is expensive, if you are making 100 of something it probably has to be wood)
  • Promise there is no queue of other students
  • Magically make things take less time than they take. Things take time.

Relevant examples for tutors are:


Icebreaking name tags which are also puzzle pieces - find your match(es) (Nicolas' invention):

Physical explanations of studies/systems (Nicolas+study counsellors' invention):

QR code signs:

Functional board games:



Signs with break-off tabs:

Lit signs:

Minor furniature:

Boxes, e.g. ris/ros/ideas:

Name tags/name tags in shapes:

Interactive clothing: