Published: January 08, 2015, Edited by: Mads Hobye

Components for sound, light & projection installations

We have an array of tools for sound, light and projection installations. E.g:

  • Projectors
  • Theatre lighting
  • DMX Controlled diode lighting systems
  • Kinects
  • Old large scale projection equipment
  • Sound systems
  • Stands, tripods, cables, rig etc.
  • Generator

If you want to use some of the materials, turn up in our opening hours and ask one of the gurus (Schack is best) who will guide you to the different components and how to interface with them. You can also email at including all details like dates, types, amount - but usually an in-person discussion will be necessary.

We can only lend to academic projects - we have given party-suitable lights to RUCSound, Studenterhuset.