Published: November 26, 2014, Edited by: Mads Hobye

Single walled 3d print for vases and large scale concrete print

This toturial assumes that you are used to 3D printing and therefore only provides the steps neccesary to created single walled structure.

Usually one wants to print with a thicker wall than what the nozzle provides. There are however special cases where one wants to only print the actual width of the wall. This is common when printing thin vases, elements where one want light to shine through or one are printing with a large extruding with (e.g. cement and ceramics).

This guide shows how to create such workflow:

Build your model

We are using Fusion 360 for this.

Create a new sketch:

Choose a plane:

Draw a closed shape:

Extrude the shape - right click - press pull

Export the body to stl:

Print with CURA

Cura is an open-source 3D print slicer. You can download settings for a lot of common 3D printers.

Open the STL fil with cura.

Set the Shell thickness to the same as the Nozzle size of your printer.

In expert settings remove Solid Infill Top and Solid Infill Bottom.

Now you are ready to print.