Published: October 17, 2015, Edited by: Mads Hobye

Semester project: Designing a live block programming interface.

Semester project at Humtek by: A. D. N Riis, J. H. Andersen, L. M. Mikkelsen, J. S. Hansen, L. Henriksen, C. H. Larsen.

Computer science is becoming a bigger part of our world with each passing day. It is a huge part of our lives, and as the technology is becoming more important, the corresponding job market is also expanding. With these changes becoming more evident we, as people, need to think about education that will prepare us for the future of technology. This means that we need to start educating our kids about the subject, not only how to use it, but also what lies behind the technology in question. Some countries have already started teaching children in grade school about algorithms, and some even a bit of coding. In this project the focus has been how to make the process of learning programming more appealing to children in 5th grade.

The program gave the kids a chance to try out programming without having to struggle with basic syntax challanges and the realtime update functionality gave them direct feedback of their programming choices.

Try the program here