Published: February 05, 2024, Edited by: Mads Hobye

RF2023: Roskilde Festival accessibility map

Our project takes inspiration from the mud map there has been made of the Roskilde Festival. Our idea is to make a map that incorporates more parameters than just mud, to help the festival guest choose their location of camping, and to make the festival more accessible for guests with a disability. Some of the parameters we want to include are for example an easy way to tell the difference between asphalt, gravel, and dirt roads, locations to toilets and other services, noise levels and weather forecasts, and what the consequences of the weather can do to accessibility around the festival area. We plan to do this by using QGis, and surveys to find out what people think is necessary for their camp location/accessibility on the festival.

By: Hans Wendt Galster, Valdemar Carl Johansen, Jonathan Bach Käszner, Rasmus Aakjær