Published: February 05, 2024, Edited by: Mads Hobye

RF2023: Ephemeral Kaleidoscope

This project aims to cater to the dreamers at Roskilde Festival. We all know the feeling of light phenomena suddenly appearing, reflected by our smartphone screens, or cast through the shutters into our living spaces. The light is there briefly, moments given to us by the sun’s trajectory. These moments of serene dreamlike modifications to our physical world inspired us to create analogue installations for awakening these contemplating spaces at the Bazaar at Roskilde Festival. Can these moments give a contrasting experience to other ways of being at the Roskilde festival, and is it possible for the festival goers to experience and interact with this type of slow, fluid, and analogue installation? These questions lead us to a main research focus; can we create and facilitate curiosity, and a dreamlike presence through light, reflections, and transparency?

By: Azita Tadayoni, Julie Sjøholm, Laura Hagen Aagaard, Mathias Jonas Bruhn, Victoria Rasmussen