Published: February 05, 2024, Edited by: Mads Hobye

RF2023: PoemPole: Connecting with Mother Earth

We aim for the Roskilde Festival-goers to interact with what is to be perceived as mother earth. The festival-goers will press buttons simultaneously with each other and enact streams of light spanning to the globe above made from recycled tent material. When all the buttons are pressed and the stream of light reaches the globe - a poem will be generated and printed for the festival-goers to take home as a souvenir or passed on to another person. The poem is generated using ChatGPT (artificial intelligence) and revolves around the environmental crisis. We like the idea of Earth addressing itself at the start of the poem and in the end, telling people to pass on the message.

By: Laust Nørskov Thygesen, Nikolaj Robert Fuglsang Andersen, Laurits Nymann Rasch