Published: March 26, 2019, Edited by: Nicolas Padfield

Open source Raspberry Pi data logger

Project in progress not finished

Purpose: an open source datalogger - breakout board and software - providing multiple scientific quality temperature input possibilities and relative humidity measurement.


  • Raspberry Pi
  • Raspbian (can be without GUI user interface)
  • 3 x Honeywell RH+Temp HIH6121-021-001, 14 bit, Temperatur- og fugtighedssensor, ±4%RH, Seriel - I2C, 2.3 → 5.5 V dc, 4 ben, SIP RH part no 874-4641 (for Room, space, wood beam recess in this experiment)
  • 2 x Pt100 TE Connectivity PT100 føler, Pt100, Max +600°C, sensordiameter: 2mm, L: 2.3mm RS part no 893-7098 (in this experiment: not strictly necessary but would work for moisture inert backboard surface) 3 x K-TC: (in this experiment: canvas, backboard inner surface, backboard outer surface against coolplate [need very small sensing head to not disturb moisture flow, backboard outer surface needs very thin wires to sneak in behind the assembly])
  • 3 x
  • 3 x
  • 11 x RS PRO, Klemrække til printmontering, 2-Polet, Afstand: 3,5mm, Lige, Skrue, Printmontering RS part no 897-1332
  • Thermocouple wire
  • Raspberry Pi breakout board Canakit, Raspberry Pi, GPIO, Afgreningskort, CanaKit Raspberry Pi GPIO Breakout Board RS part no 181-2041
  • Wire
  • Euros size circuit board
  • 5V power supply
  • Micro SD card


  • CNC mill for printed circuit board milling
  • Soldering workshop