Published: June 27, 2014, Edited by: Mads Hobye

Open source extra large CNC

Credit for design: Nikolaj Møbius, Bo Thorning, Nicolas Padfield.

As a part of the ongoing effort to open-source the tools for rapid prototyping. FabLab RUC have designed a cheap, large scale CNC Router. All the diagrams are avaliable from here under the Creative Commoncs license CC BY-SA. It is able to take full sheets of plywood (125cm X 240 cm). The materials to produce this CNC costs less than 5000 kroner (1000 dollars).

Detail images

Detail images and build process can be found here:


Download the diagrams in multiple formats here


Stepper motors and drivers: 3 Nema 34 stepper with torque of at least 4 Nm, preferably 6-8 Nm, eg. like RS Components part 699-8495 or
2 NEMA 17 stepper motors for Z axis.

Ball bearings: 22mm diameter, 8mm hole, 7mm width, e.g. type 608 for roller skates from e.g.

Aluminium profiles 60x60x4mm and 20x40x3mm, e.g. Sanistål part no 1160753,0-mm.aspx
Sanistål part no 655639,-uligesidet/c-205926/655639/alumroer-4kt-6060-40203,0-mm.aspx

Drive belts: