Published: July 10, 2015, Edited by: Mads Hobye

ØKUNST: genbelys

Performance Design students used the Fablab to produce the performative setting for their semester project.

By: Normen Dommann, Iben, Sophie Bredholt, Anne Vibe Pedersen, Peter Jensen, Barbare Regina Grübel, Mia Rente Hansen and Rikke Krogh Christensen.

‘ØKUNST: genbelys’ event was held on april 23rd 2015 at Bunker No. 10 at Refshaleøen in Copenhagen. It acknowledges that site and its inherent characteristics are the determining factors for the design of a site specific performance. Furthermore it researches, how one, by applying site-specific methods, can alter an audience’s perception of space and additionally intensify artistic cross-genre performances. The paper also pays attention to unconventional curatorial approaches and aims to locate the necessary means, which could increase audience participation and interaction at a given location. To accomplish this, the paper tries to outline a space’s embedded potentials and explains, how these can influence patterns of audience movement. The theoretical foundation for this research are the works of professor of performance studies Mike Pearson, art historian Helle Ryberg and CEO and president of the innovation and design company IDEO, Tim Brown. The outcome of this profound study shall enable the reader to gain a deeper understanding of a site’s inherent layers, and simultaneously illustrate, how these can be employed to advantage by merging them with the performance.

Download the full paper here