Published: June 03, 2014, Edited by: Mads Hobye

Setup TripleHead2go

  • Download control program here:
  • Install it (On mac: Find it in the topmenu)
  • Choose:“Quick setup Guide”
  • Connect cables to the matrox box.
  • Diode by the usb connector should flash green.
  • Important: Either use VGA OR DVI. If both are connected then it will not work. (VGA = Blue Connectors, DVI= WHITE Connectors):
  • Make sure to choose an resolution that your computer can handle. Default (1024x760) might be too much. Macbook air can only handle 800x600 60hz times 3.
  • Monitor mirroring should be disable under system preferences.
  • If you are using two monitors instead of one then they should be connected to port 1 and 3 - Port two should be left empty.