Published: May 15, 2017, Edited by: Martin Malthe Borch

Magnetic stirrer

Nikolaj Møbius have developed a magnetic stirrer. We are now looking into publishing it in one of the new open source hardware journals.

The (electro) magnetic stirrer was developed as a proof of concept and it works quite well.

Ver.1 Magnetic Stirrer by Nikolaj Møbius

It uses 3 electromagnets to generate a rotating magnetic field thus having no moving parts instead of the classic magnetic stirrer design which uses an electric motor to rotate a permanent magnet.


1. Bill Of Materials

1.1. Electronics

1X Arduino
1X Protoshield REV3
3X Coils
1X L298N Dual H-Bridge 3A Motor Driver Board
1X 10K Potentiometer W. nob
1X Power Adaptor

1.2. Mechanics

Wood base plate
Acrylic plate
Raw PCB plate