Published: December 11, 2018, Edited by: Maria Abboud

Kombucha - Fermented tea & "bacterial leather" lampshades

One of the projects developed at the BioFabLab is growing a symbiotic culture of yeast and bacteria called Kombucha. It's used to ferment tea in to a sweet-sour drink, but the scopy (Symbiotic Culture Of Yeast and Bacteria) that consists of bacterial cellulose, can also be used to produce a leather-like biomaterial that can possibly be a substitute for cloth or furniture material.

The project was done by Maria Henriques de Jesus. She researched the production, drying and post-treatment of the Kombucha and turned it into this nice presentation.

Kombucha Leather lampshade presentation
(If you want to collaborate or improve the presentation contact the biofablab)


  • Dry the scopy on a plastic film, as it will stick to the surface
  • Instead of vinegar you can use a some of the previous culture liquid

Find other recipes from Copenhagen DIYbiospace Biologigaragen or in the book "The art of fermentation by Sandor Ellix Katz.