Published: February 16, 2016, Edited by: Mads Hobye

Interactive Learning

By: Krasnova Skov E., Børninck Nørregaard A, Hartmann J.C.W, Worm A. L, Blixenkrone S. - 3rd semesterproject at RUC, Hum-Tek.

This project works with the designing and implementation of an interactive learning artifact for pupils. As of 2014, the Danish education in the elementary school consists not only of their regular education, but also includes varieties of extra educational supplements. We saw this as an opportunity for a new learning artifact, which consists of a combined solution of learning, the Gamification approach and Tangible Interaction. To create the learning artifact the methodical approach Design Thinking was used for process and as the project structure. Two teachers and an expert were interviewed, which led to a developed prototype. Afterwards, observations were conducted in an elementary school. Finally, we examined how an interactive learning artifact could be implemented in the society through a socio-technical systems analysis.

In the discussion we seek to evaluate if the data was influenced by technological determinism in the society. Through our analysis and discussion we can conclude that our artifact in the form of an interactive ball is possible to implement in the society as it searches for new technological artifacts to be used for learning." Be creative. Email me at for further instructions :-) Include the user in the context of a designevaluation. Especially if it's children, they have a creative set of mind, when it comes to developing interactive learning artifacts.