Published: August 15, 2018, Edited by: Nicolas Padfield

Handihacking at Roskilde Festival 2018

This year at Roskilde festival we helped the people in the disabilities camp modify, improve and "pimp" their assistive technology, especially wheelchairs.

Initiative by Nikolaj "DZL" Møbius and Bo Thorning from Fablab RUC and Jesper Holck who organizes the Handicamp.

We did this in conjunction with a course for Australian exchange students from Deakin University.

Common mods were adding lights (neopixel individually microcontroller controlled) and adding a USB socket for phone charging from the wheelchair's big battery.

Next year we hope to do a "Burning Man" style "art car" parade of super lit up pimped wheelchairs.

You can read an article in RUC Paper here, and see photos on Facebook here and here.

If you are interested or interested in more hefty mods, Jesper sometimes organises tuesday evenings at Fablab RUC, join this facebook group and ask.

The team/thanks to:
Nikolaj "DZL" Møbius, Mads Hobye, Nicolas Padfield, Leonora Bryndum, Alberte Jeberg Kjær, Bo Thorning, Schack Lindemann

Jesper Holck, Nicolaj Jensen Charpentier, Albert Møbius

Jameson Oussoren, Danielle Burrows, Jake Matthews, Jaymee Calnin, Maddison Timm, Sarah Smith, Calvin Irons, Michael Steven, Alexandra Karamesinis, Emily Davis, Feng Lin Zeng, Jakob Jensen, Matthew Xu, Ghulam Ali Rahimi, Dylan Warburton, Benjamin Amery

Ursula Lorentzen