Published: January 08, 2015, Edited by: Daniel Davidsen

EMCO Concept Mill 105

CNC machine for hard materials/high precision
EMCO Concept Mill 105, working area 120x120x120mm, 8 tool toolchanger, precision under 0.03 mm.

The machine is running Sinumerik for controls.
The G-code for controlling the machine for what to do needs to come from CAM program as Fusion.

How to:
For making the machine run there are 3 main steps:
1. Generate and export G-code from Fusion
2. Prepare, zero and load g-code in the machine
3. Run the program

Start by downloading tool library for EMCO105
Then import into Fusion
First go to "CAM"
Open the CAM tool Library
Right click on "local"
Click "import library"
Click on the downloaded file

Make a setup
Select orientation and the Z axis and (X/Y) axis, what ever is easiest for you.
Select your axis so the coordinate set is +Z up
+Y to the outwards +X to the left

Then select box point, its recommended to choose top middle.

Now build the tool paths, for help to this contact FABLAB


You can download the manual for the machine here