Published: October 03, 2018, Edited by: Sara Almeida Santos Daugbjerg

Demo Day #1

Tuesday, 23 october
At FabLab RUC, building 4.0

Every day at FabLab RUC we, the users, and the students develop new projects and experiments, test new tools, machines and methods, have interesting conversations and many thoughts on digital production, biotech, and technological development. We know the same is the case in other workshops, labs, FabLabs and maker spaces.

At Demo Days, FabLab RUC will show the projects and demos we are working on and would like to invite you to come and share yours too.

The participants will be given 7 minutes to talk about their project and 5 minutes for questions and feedback. No projects are too small (or too big).

We will present the following:
Bo Thorning - Using ESP8266 in interactive installations
Nikolaj Møbius (Dzl) - Drone adventures
Radu Stefan Sen - Developing a robot arm
Malthe Borch - Vegan Latte - Reverse engineering vegan milk

Let’s us know if you want to present some work too (we really hope some of you will) by writing to us on Facebook or by writing an email to with the subject: Demo day.

You don’t need to bring a project to participate. Everybody is welcomed to bring only their curiosity and a friend with them ;)

There will be snacks and drinks.