Published: November 08, 2018, Edited by: Nicolas Padfield

How to find us

Train: Trekroner station and walk 10 minutes.

Car: Address is Universitetsvej 1 or Trekroner Forskerpark 20. Parking on Trekroner Forskerpark (marked in green) is free. Parking on RUCs parking (marked in red) requires a parking permit - you must get a parking permit from us and go out and put it in you car. You cannot drive to building 9, you must park and walk the last 5 minutes. The quickest way to get a parking permit is to visit the reception in building 3. Otherwise, we can print one.

Fablab is building 9.

Deliveries and large projects and machines is building 37. You want building 9 unless you know you want building 37.

Universitetsvej 1 is the address for the whole of RUC's campus

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RUC is under construction for a longer period, and the main door to enter FABLAB RUC is moved to the backside of the building:


Access route for wheelchair users and others needing no steps using the elevator in building 28 (building 28 is open until 1700):

Mazemap building 9
Mazemap building 37
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