Published: April 09, 2024, Edited by: Daniel Davidsen


Made by Daniel Davidsen


The shape is made from 5x Tetrahedra there is built into a shape of a Dodecahedron also known as a 20 sided dies.

The shape makes the whole shape interlock and from the manufactoring tolerances this shape is also a bit loose.

At he figure is made from 5x Tetrahedra the neopixel inside must also be 5 diffrent loops and therefore there must also be 5 cable, one for each Tetrahedra

The Fusion CAD design can be found here:

Corner can also be downloaded via link.
The tube is 20 mm floor heating tube.

The tube can be bought in Bauhaus per meter.

You will need:
20 corners
30 tubes at 245 mm length

The inspiration for this project is from a Tested video on YouTube:

The PEX tube is not very straight when you buy is, so I heated it in the ovnen at 100 degrees for 5-10 min and lightly tweeked it to be straight.

The neopixels is made from 80 LEDs + 270 mm wire + 15 LEDs and then routed inside the triangle / TETRAHEDRA.
The pattern is hard to explain how its done, so best og luck figuring it out.

In general the figure can be make in diffrent sizes but its primarily the tube diameter there determine the overall size. if the tube is to big the the overall shape it can't be assembled, if the tube is to small for the shape the overall shape being loose, and will not hold its shape.

The Arduino code for the project can also be found at the link:

Best of luck with the project.