Published: February 09, 2022, Edited by: August Clemmensen

3D printer settings - TAZ6 Single Extruder V2.1 with 0.5mm nozzle

This is a printer profile for the LulzBot TAZ6 with the Single Extruder V2.1. The profile is an adoption from CURA LE and is intended to be used in IdeaMaker, but it should be possible to convert it to other slicers.

The profile is pre-configured to be used with a 0.2mm layer height and 2.85mm generic PLA.
Furthermore, you need to flash your firmware on your LulzBot to the custom firmware Drunken Octopus.

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  • Open IdeaMaker
  • Choose Printer -> Configuration Wizard -> Others
  • Search for LulzBot
  • You'll get redirected to IdeaMakers website where the profile is stored. Choose the one by augcle and click download.
  • The profile should now be selectable in IdeaMaker. Happy printing!

In case this method does not work, you can manually import the file into IdeaMaker. Find the profile here.