Published: January 03, 2022, Edited by: Nicolas Padfield

Fiber marking laser

Cloudray 50W LiteMarker Fiber Marking Machine With JPT MOPA LP Laser. 300*300mm working area.

This machine is now set up and mounted in a safety box with safety interlocks. We are however still learning to use it. It is in building 9.

This machine is suitable for

  • Marking and engraving in metals
  • Marking and engraving in other materials, for example plastics (but not clear plastic, use a CO2 laser for that)
  • Cutting very thin metals (up to 1 mm)
  • Marking in colour (frequency/refraction grating) in stainless steel

Example settings (work in progress)

Aluminium ↑

Stainless steel (with colour) ↑

Safety box. Most places seem to be using these lasers without a safety enclosure, but we do not feel that is ok. The door must be closed before the laser will fire. There is a special window.