Laser engraving on circular surfaces

This is a guide to using the rotary tool on the lasercutter. It takes you through the steps of setting up the cutter for engraving and cutting on circular surfaces.

Setup the lasercutter

Before you start to do any changes - TURN OFF THE LASER CUTTER (turn the key)
In order to use the rotary tool the y-axis is replaced by the rotary tool.
This is done by removing the 4 pin plug on the right hand side on the inside of the lasercutter, behind the y-axis rail.

Place the rotary tool on the laserbed with the motor on the right hand side.
The long axis of the rotary tool must be aligned parallel to the x-axis of the laser cutter.

When this is done turn the power back on.
Adjust the height of the laserbed and focus the laser using the measurement tools next to the laser.

Setup the program (Lasercut)

Now the program needs to be setup to use the rotary tool.

This is done by changing the worktable settings:

  • Select the menu option “File (F)”
  • Select “Machine-Options… (Ctrl+J)”
  • Select “Worktable” under the “Machine options” heading
  • Click the “…” button to the right of “ [Range]” in the Y-axis pane
  • Set “diameter” to 33 and “Need pulse” to 6400
  • Diameter in the menu actually corresponds to the radius of * the drive wheel on the rotary tool. This should be remembered if the wheel is changed.

“[Datum Direction]” should be “P Dir”

In order to align the design on the object correctly the following procedure is recommended.

Ensure that the “Immediate” checkbox is checked.
This means that the laser will start where you position the laser on your object.

Click the icon (or use the menu “Laser (L)”  “Set laser origin”)

Ensure that the “Relative To selection” checkbox is checked. Depending on your design select one of the relative position options. This position indicates the origin point.

Using the buttons on the front of the laser, move the laser to the position corresponding to the origin point defined earlier.

If the laser is not moving press “Esc” and try again.
Note that you can only move the laser in the x-axis as the y-axis is the rotary tool.