Biofabbing & Ecology - New FabLab Summer Workshop - Open for signup

Biofabbing & Ecology - New RUC summer course on ecology, sustainability & digital fabrication

FabLab RUC is launching a new intensive summer workshop, open for all RUC students (bachelor level, who have space for an elective course). Students from other schools & universities can apply for one of 3 free spots on the course, and international students from universities with an agreement with RUC can apply to the international office. The course is an optional course offered under the international bachelor program in Natural Sciences at RUC (NIB), and counts as 5 ECTS points. It runs from the 18th June - 6th of July.

Everything these days 'has' to be sustainable, ecological, green, organic or be in “harmony with nature”. These themes are discussed across all disciplines from natural science, design, sociology, psychology and the arts, but often it is difficult to share a common ground for these discussions, and often people outside natural and/or environmental science lack the foundational knowledge. BioFablab RUC is therefore now launching an intensive elective workshop that introduces the basic principles of ecosystems and sustainability through theory, exercises and field observations.

The course is open to bachelor students from all disciplines and backgrounds. For a full description of the course and further signup information see The course is also at

Apply for a free spot (non RUC Students)
In time we want to make the FabLab Workshops and course available for students and individuals outside RUC. During the pilot run of this course we will test this potential, by offering 3 free spots to students or individuals outside RUC. To be considered for a spot, please send an application to with a short motivation and description of previous experience (CV). Deadline is the 11th. of June. The selected applicants will be notified shortly after. Students and individuals from all backgrounds can apply from design, architecture, journalist, natural-science, computer, law to business.

RUC Students Sign-up
All Ruc Students can sign up through STADS from 1-15 June.
For Humtek students, this course counts as a humtek workshop.
See more at (course is however not up there as of writing)

International Students
The FabLab courses are open for international students. In time we want the courses to be open for all students, but the sign-up is currently administrated through exchange agreement with the international office at RUC. If you want to join the FabLab courses from abroad, tell the international office at your university to get in touch with us.