What is happening at the lab [Updated 2018/08/11]

Special events:

  • 18/6-13/8 Summer holiday - we do not guarantee anything, you are welcome to phone 46742055 to find out if any employees or volunteers are here today. Thu 12/7, Wed 18/7, Thu 19/07, Wed 25/07, Thu 26/07 - Sara there, help available

  • Monday 13/8 we are open as normal again - but see note about laser cutters below

  • Lasercutters: we will be fixing up all laser cutters all day monday 13/8, so this is a bad day to laser cut.

  • 14/8-15/8 Event for tutors - more queue than normal for laser cutters

Normal hours are:

Fablab new users who need an introduction to the FabLab machines: Tuesdays 12.00-21.00 Wednesday 10.00-16.00 . Make sure to read how do I get started.

Fablab existing users Mondays-Thursdays 10.00-16.00 / Tuesday 12.00-21.00. We are curently not open Fridays because we are short on staff. Please note there is only access to CNC and laser cutting within these hours (because of fire risk). 3D printing, electronics etc. is available 24/7 to trusted users.

Biofablab open as Fablab, but bio help is mainly available Tuesdays 12.00-21.00 and Wednesdays 10.00-16.00

Programming help for students Wednesdays 14.00-16.00

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FabLab RUC, Roskilde University
Universitetsvej 1, Building 4.0
4000 Roskilde, Denmark

Please read this page before calling or emailing

Phone: +45 46742055
Email: fablab@ruc.dk

General opening Hours

  • Monday: 10-16
  • Tuesday: 12-21
  • Wednesday: 10-16
  • Thursday: 10-16
  • Friday: closed (will be 10-16 when we have full staff again)

Remember to check if anything special is going on

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